Featured Builds

Our engines are blueprinted and designed for longevity.

Understanding the modes of failure for the EJ platform is key in bringing a quality product to market. We have designed a series of motors to compete in a marketplace flooded with off the shelf parts. Every component, whether new or used, goes through a rigorous inspection process prior to being assembled. Our machines and tooling are inspected and are sent for yearly qualification to make sure we are giving you, the customer, the highest quality possible. Our goal is your success, which is why we have entered the market below our competitors pricing but above their quality. 


P2P Racing provides one of the largest Plug and Play oil cooler kits on the market. With our kit, your oil temps will be kept rock solid at 200*F, even during the summer months. Because we use a thermostatic plate, your oil quickly warm up to temperature, and then maintains a healthy temperature. If you are tracking your Subaru, this kit is a no-brainer. Even when making hot laps on the road course, we were not able to over-tax the core. Every piece of our kit is made by Setrab USA or machined/assembled in house by P2P Racing.

Machining service