P2P Racing Subaru WRX 2015+ Oil Cooler Kit


P2P Racing provides one of the largest Plug and Play oil cooler kits on the market. With our kit, your oil temps will be kept rock solid at 200*F, even during the summer months. Because we use a thermostatic plate, your oil quickly warm up to temperature, and then maintains a healthy temperature. If you are tracking your Subaru, this kit is a no-brainer. Even when making hot laps on the road course, we were not able to over-tax the core. Every piece of our kit is made by Setrab USA or machined/assembled in house by P2P Racing.



          • Setrab USA Core rated for 425+HP continuous duty
          • Setrab USA Lightweight Hoses with High Heat Protection
          • Setrab USA Fittings
          • Setrab USA 180* Thermostatic Sandwich Plate
          • Setrab USA Hose Separator
          • P2P Racing Machined Billet Mounting Kit
          • P2P Racing Machined Billet High Flow Spacer Adapter (Includes Viton O-rings_
          • Edge Protection