EJ25 Stage 1

P2P Stage 1 FA20 BRZ SB

Product information


Our Stage 1 motor is the most popular motor and the largest value to be had in the market. Just because this is our entry level motor, doesn’t mean we don’t spend the same amount of time perfecting the geometry and creating a truly balanced and blueprinted motor. Our goal is to provide the customer, you, with entry to a level of engine building normally found in super cars and race teams. Our goal is your success, we are not afraid of any problem, and will assist you with any questions.

Additional details

Engine Highlights

  • Designed for up to 15psi, 575BHP and 8,000rpm
  • Brand New Case Halves precisely bore honed and align honed to exacting dimensions.
    • Some manufacturers simply buy case halves from Subaru and drop parts in, that’s not what we do. The pistons are precisely measured and numbered for each bore. The bores are then honed to exactly the right size.
    • We also align hone the mains to be within 0.0001” of nominal spec.
  • Manley Platinum Series Pistons or CP Pistons
  • Manley Platinum Series Forged Rods or Callies Compstar Rods w/ ARP2000 bolts
  • Clevite Coated, ACL, or King Race Bearings for rods and mains.
  • Brand New OEM Subaru Nitrided Crank
  • Brand New OEM Subaru Case Bolts
  • Rear Cover, Oil Galley Plugs, and Wrist Pin Plugs come standard.
  • 11mm Headstuds
  • OE or 0.6mm head gasket required

Why Choose our Stage 1 Head Package Over the Competition? All machining, cleaning, and assembling are done by a degreed engineer. We provide a level of artisan craft in our engines only found in race teams and super cars. The experience we bring to our engine program is unparalleled in the industry. We blueprint the entire assembly of the motor to within .0002 of our specs,” Even though the H4 motor is inherently self- balancing, it is incredibly important to balance your motor to increase the life of your bearings. It is highly recommended to run a Fluidampr/ATI crank pulley or OEM. Do not run an aftermarket solid crank pulley. All of our inspection equipment is high quality, either from Starrett or Mitutoyo, and is sent off yearly for calibration to a qualified cal-lab.