P2P Racing EJ High Grip Tensioner System


Under continuous duty high RPM, the stock Subaru OEM timing belt tensioner loses tension on the timing belt. This loss of preload leads to a reduction in the ECU’s accuracy for determining timing or could cause the belt to “jump teeth” on the cam gears or crankshaft sprocket gear, causing detrimental failure in the motor. The main reason for this is because the OEM tensioner is wholly inadequate for track duty and can fail prematurely. There are “other” non-OEM branded tensioners on the market that will also fail early and often.

Eliminate your risk of total engine failure by increasing the tension on the timing belt with the P2P Racing High Grip Tensioner system. Our kit is lighter weight than other kits on the market, and is much less expensive. Our bracket is made 100% in house at P2P Racing and feature parts that are OEM grade or better. Buy the best kit on the market with race proven experience.