Subaru Motor Builds

We offer motor builds that have been revised through countless iterations of trial and error in street, drag, and TT applications. All of our motors come with Professionally CNC Machine Fit Proprietary Closed Decks, Pinned Mains, and of course, a complete electronic copy of a true engine blueprint. This is true whether you purchase the most economical option, or opt for the highest-end short-block we offer, as every motor that leaves our shop is meant to last. Several of our motors are in World/Global Time Attack Series events with a podium finish in 2018. 


Based on several years of experience with these motors in the states, we have developed a bullet proof method for making reliable power with these motors. Whether you’re looking for a reliable daily by adding a spline adapter to your oil pump (and/)OR you want to go 1000+whp, we have you covered. Before beginning any build, we always measure bore wall thickness, and block hardness and provide you, the customer, with the data you need to be successful in your build.

6” x 24” (OD x Length)

Milling, Turning, 3-D Printing

AT P2P, we offer machining and 3D printing services for any industry. With CNC, CAM, and Slicer Software, if it fits in our machine, we can make it. We have a Hurco VM10i Mill, Manual Lathe, Sunnen SV-15 Hone, Rod Hone, Rod Surfacer, and two Prusa i3 Mk3. We take napkin drawings to full 100+ part BOM assemblies. If you have a drawing and need a quote, we are happy to help.

SUNNEN SV-15 W/ CH-100

Sometimes getting your design from an idea to an actual design in CAD can be difficult, we can help. With years of experience in R&D and Rapid Prototyping as a Mechanical Engineer, we have the experience and tools available to make your idea a reality. Going from Concept to Design to 3D Print and many times going back to design is how the process SHOULD work. Before you spend thousands of dollars on making molds or machining, spend time to make sure your design is ready for manufacturing. We offer CAD and FEA through Solidworks 2018, CAM through the cloud based Fusion 360, and the slicer software is Prusa’s own Prusa Control.

Engineering services

CAD Support
CAM Support
FEA Design
Fluid Dynamics Design
General Mathematical support